Snarky Reusable Bags

Posted 8 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Environmentalists are certainly high on the list of groups that take themselves too seriously. They're right up there with right to lifers and, oddly enough, clowns. This is why I enjoy these reusable bags so much. You can believe in a cause and still laugh at yourself folks. (Link tweeted by @MeleaMauldin)


Lord ~ 8 years ago

It is indeed quite ironic how sersiously some clowns take themselves considering the trade they specialize in. I wonder if there are any clowns who, when you call them a clown, correct you and say, "Ahem . . . it's 'Costumed Humor Enthusiast' please." I think I'd punch that clown in the face and say "That wasn't funny clown!"

Adam Gautsch ~ 8 years ago

My theory on the serious clown. Bob the funny guy from college is going to end being an accountant or salesman because it's better money.

People who take up the profession of clowning often see clowning as an art.

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