So, Jim doesn't like Twitter

Posted 9 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Below is an excerpt of a Jimmy C email from earlier this morning. We were discussing Twitter.

I'm not the Twitter master, in part because it's hard enough to keep up with the 15 people when you've got every lunch, dinner, tagged song, bookmark, and fart someone enjoyed in a day. I think in the long run Twitter will need to develop some form of inclusive or exclusive filtering so people can define that they only care about people's "ideas" and "travel" and "some other tag". Or, I care about everything except that an alarm clock woke them up and their toaster tweeted that they had toast and their refrigerator tweeted that they opened the door and their car was started at 9:15 and is 5 miles SW of Greer, etc, etc.

This concept of having information feed to you is great and different from search, but they will have the same glut of information problem that Google solved. However, search solved the problem for information seekers. Some sort of filtering will have to be the solution to solve the information consumer's problem of information overload from feeds of all sorts, email, RSS, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

That is all.

PS: Jim's Twitter account is @allella and mine is @agautsc

PPS: I like Twitter. Twitter is good.


Adam Gautsch ~ 9 years ago

I find it funny and fitting that there was an @reply from Damien on Twitter before a comment on the blog.

Mad, Madd, and Maddd ~ 9 years ago

I take direct offense to this.

Maddd just loved "You Think We Suck?" by Ape Fight

Jim Ciallella ~ 9 years ago

I once read someone joking about tweeting an Apache visitor log. Just think when your car, friends, family, collegues, house, news feeds, email, and tons of other things are all throwing information at you. It wouldn't be too much different. Unless we are going to have 50 "tabs" open I think aggregators and dashboards (iGoogle) will be necessary to fix the pending information overload.

As we feed other data into Twitter it's hard to see it as a great aggregator given its simple functionality. There are already aggregators such as FriendFeed attempting to do a better job on the personal feed aggregation. Even Facebook's homepage is better. I can differentiate story feeds from photos from status updates and hint at how much of what I want to see by sliding bars up and down.

I think we are really talking about pieces of Web 3.0. Look at all the emerging technologies and see where things are pointing: accessibility (the cloud), semantic and open data like (OAuth, OpenID, Microformats, XFN, RSS, etc), interoperable (APIs and mashups), tiny computers everywhere.

Anybody with time and money can now aggregate tons of information through APIs. My guess is the Google's and Yahoo's of feed filtering will win because, like Google, they have the smartest filtering algorithms.

These future tools will generate super prioritized, time-sensitive intelligent lists that filter what you want or need to consume. For instance, the cloud could know it's lunch time for me and could suggest people I know, who are also hungry, who aren't busy, who I'm likely to enjoy having lunch with at a restaurant we both like that is close by.

On a related note, I listened to Dries (of Drupal fame) talk about his smart Captcha product One of the most interesting ideas in the discussion was of adding reputation to logins. So, OpenID plus an eBay-style rating system where it knows you are 99.9% unlikely to crap up someone's blog with comment spam.

I'm glad to hear ideas of what you think would be helpful for aggregating feed information.

dave ~ 9 years ago

Jim, fwiw, you're the only person ever to use the internet with more than 15 tabs open. I counted them. You had 39 open on election night at Evan's house. THIRTY NINE.

olivier blanchard ~ 9 years ago

@allella, from @thebrandbuilder: Remember "Tank," the dude in the Matrix who could look at screens of cascading data and "see" the matrix? There's a zen-like state in which you can get so 'in tune' with the twitter stream that your brain starts to passively filter through the noise.

I have reached a level of Twitter enlightenment which allows me to actually sense valuable tweets without even having twitter up on my screen. It's almost like a superpower. Actually, I think that Heroes should have a Twitter-specific superhero.

Speaking of which... I feel a megatweet coming... Hold on. I need to clear my mind for a second.

@maddd is... wait... I'm not seeing it clearly yet... @maddd feels honored and proud. Someone may bring their harmonica. And the red zero IS the epitome of Twitter perfection.

Woah. Nose bleed. I'd better unplug from the collective for a sec. I went a little too deep.

Okay. It's been three minutes. I need to go update Twittertown about the status of my cup of coffee. Later!

erictheredandblack ~ 9 years ago

I think JimmyC's verbosity, exhibited in his reply here, should give us a hint at the origin of his dislike of microblogging. :)

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