Solar street lights and wimax

Posted 16 years ago by Evan Tishuk

I just read that solar powered street lights that also provide wimax intarweb access are to be installed in Scotland. Since I imagine these things pay for themselves over time, could the various road and trasportation departments in my immediate area please jump on this? I mean, come on...And the inclusion of the WiMax relays is a nobrainer.

I say all this because Charter (who provides "high speed" internet to our office and much of Greenville) is just pathetic. Where's the competition and innovation? If companies like these guys could come and rid this city of Charter's ineptitude, I think many would rejoice. Hell, I'd donate my time and learn how to climb street lights and telephone poles to help the installation process.

I guess I just don't like poor customer service, a shoddy network, lagged DNS servers and frequent outages. Oh, and the fact that our Vonage phone has stopped working since they installed a "better" cable modem. However, I might be able to stomach these things if it's all part of a bigger technological and infrastructural improvement.


olivier blanchard ~ 16 years ago

Our cable connection has to be 'recalibrated' (or whatever) pretty-much monthly, which means that other than routine outages, we're guaranteed one or two days without an internet connection every 3-5 weeks.

Charter rocks!

Adam Gautsch ~ 16 years ago

Rule number one of life: No one likes their cable provider.

Rule number two of life: if you have a dish you will complain when it rains and things come in fuzzy.

Brian Bunton ~ 16 years ago

Time Warner is pretty awesome, but is expensive-ish. Luckily, I have a discount through Duke. So: I kinda like my cable company. Except that they're freakin' Time Warner.

James Simons ~ 16 years ago

Just wait until WICs (Wireline Incumbant carriers) Like AT&T, Verizon, and Bell south start deilivering television to you through your phone cables. They can push 20Gb/sec out to the home user if they really want to. Then they will run television of IP and compete directly with cable and satalitte for your dollars. That is going to be sweet.

IP TV is going to rock. imagine watching a tv program at any time you want without having a DVR and being able to see last seasons episodes in case you want to get caught up on a story line.

Cable operators are going to do like wise and start moving into telephony and start delivering IP Telephones to the home that have the same quality as a standard telephone.

So in a few years, when you have the telcos and the cable guys competing directly on a level playing field, you will see some really cool shit start to happen.

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