Posted 14 years ago by Adam Gautsch

MA points us all to Songza. A nice little internet jukebox.


Adam Gautsch ~ 14 years ago

I've had this running most of the morning and I must say it's pretty damn slick. The only complaint is when you add something to your playlist it moves to next in line instead of last.

Overall, very nice and simple product and smart use of all the music on YouTube without forcing us to go to YouTube or watch grainy YouTube videos.

Jim F. ~ 14 years ago

Oh snap! Awesome way to find some of the more obscure bands and also live/acoustic recordings.

Jim Ciallella ~ 14 years ago

Type in an artist and it guesses at music you might like and then tries to learn from your thumbs up, thumbs down selections.

Steadyeddy ~ 14 years ago

When I play a song I like and place it in Media I cant play it WHY

Steadyeddy ~ 14 years ago

When I play a song and place in my list I cant play it. WHY

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