Spring CSS Reboot 2006

Posted 14 years ago by Evan Tishuk

I'm sure this is about the 4,000th CSS-Reboot-related blog post today, but, I wanted to pat Adam Howell on the back for pulling it off despite a 24-hour hiccup over on Dream Host. That would have freaked me out, and he seems to have popped a few valiums and worked through it with relative calm.

There are a lot of inspiring designs up there, and I'll have to let it all sink in before I list my favorites publicly.

As of this writing, OrangeCoat's reboot is holding strong. I feel bad because it was a bit of a rush job, but the show had to go on regardless. Eitherway, check out the showcase (we're like the 6th or 7th from the top) and vote for OrangeCoat if you feel so motivated. (No we don't win anything)

What if

For all of you smart economics professors in training, I think the CSS reboot could be an interesting case study. If you'll notice, not many of the heavily voted on reboots are unanimously rated high (above 3). The scoring is done on a 5 point scale and, relative to the others, a 2.5 - 3 is about as good as it gets. Where are the high 3's, and 4's? My instincts tell me there is a very small incentive to vote other people's designs as 4's or 5's, while (if participating) there is a strong incentive to vote other peoples' work lower.

What if each rebooter was given, say, 20 total points to distribute on entries that are NOT their own, and your own submission's rating was somehow boosted when you gave other people more than 3 stars?


Mike Gowan ~ 14 years ago

Congratulations, guys. I noticed your new site redesign through CssRemix.com... Css has been an obsession of mine for a while, and I will soon replace my own site with a more meaningful, content-driven structure. Thanks for being an inspiration, and bringing standards-based design to Greenville.

Mike Gowan ~ 14 years ago

Although, I do miss the bouncing Flash coat.

Evan Tishuk ~ 14 years ago

Thanks Mike! Keep me posted on your new site (cough~reboot it in November~cough). And don't be affraid to use lotsa flash on your new site, it's a very powerful tool. It won't be long until the day that you can do:

background: url("path/to/flash/file"); (or some such)

I also miss the bouncing logo. tear It was the hardest part of the reboot process. When I get on the damn ball and write some content for the site, I'll devote a whole page to its memory.

Alan ~ 14 years ago

Hey, nice reboot, I prefer your blogsite to your actual folio site but nice work nonetheless :-)

Know what you mean about letting things sink in, I still ahvent gone round everyone yet and even once I have I will probably go round again bookmarking before I do my post...


Evan Tishuk ~ 14 years ago

Thanks Alan. Send me all your favorite bookmarks, I doubt I'll have time to see all the reboots. I've probably only gotten around to about 150 or so. And hey, we'll have to grab a few beers next time I'm visitng Glasgow--you're only a 1.5 hour train ride away! (right?) That way I can write the whole trip off as a business expense.

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