Stephen Hunter is back from a heart attack.

Posted 10 years ago by Adam Gautsch

I've written it here several times before, Stephen Hunter is the best film critic in all the land. He hadn't been reviewing movies lately and I was wondering why. Now I know. He had a heart attack. He's doing better.

I will say that, psychologically, the attack had almost no weight at all. When I see the leaves on the trees in the summer and I realize that at 61 I'll see them for fewer years than I've already seen them, that depresses me. The same is true of women's legs in the summer, or good movies or nice guns. All those emblems of diminishment to the inescapable vanishing point are enough to make me tragically rue the two-drink rule.


Lord ~ 10 years ago

Roger Ebert just returned from some medical problem too (I think he had some kind of surgery). Perhaps there is a conspiracy in action attempting to wipe out film critics. Peter Travors from Rolling Stone hasn't come up with anything yet. How very suspicious.

Steve Hunter ~ 10 years ago

Thanks to Orange Yeti for very kind words. Actually the heart attack was several years ago. I took three and a half months off to work on a book, and yes, I am now back. Best to you, SH

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