Steve Jobs take on books, not so good

Posted February 21, 2008 by Adam Gautsch

Lord is stealing the Yeti's shtick of short links instead of well thought out posts. Case in point, Lord linking to this nice little editorial bashing Steve Jobs's statement about people not reading. The money graphs:

The more compelling statistic was rarely mentioned in news accounts of the A.P. story: the survey found that another 27 percent of Americans had read 15 or more books a year. That report documents a national celebration.

Most companies would kill for a market like that – more than one-fourth of the world’s biggest consumer market buying 15 or more of its items a year. And half the population bought nearly 6 books a year. If only Apple were so lucky. The latest Harry Potter book sold 9 million copies in its first 24 hours – in English. “The DaVinci Code,” a story of ideas even with its wooden characters and absurd plotting, has sold more than 60 million copies.

By contrast, Apple reported selling a piddling 3.7 million of the much-hyped iPhones through 2007. Is the iPhone dead? Of course not. But what should be dead are foolish statements about how human nature itself has changed because of some new diversion for our thumbs.


Lord ~ February 21, 2008

it is convenient when I am not feeling all too creative, though I did write a goliath of a post on MadLord yeaterday

olivier blanchard ~ February 22, 2008

Goliath posts are my domain. All efforts to encroach upon it will be met with the swift posting of titan-sized rebuttals.

Lord ~ February 22, 2008

So does that mean I am stuck in the middle ground of posts that are one to two paragraphs long?

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