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Posted May 30, 2006 by Evan Tishuk

"This research shows that people take mental shortcuts, even when it comes to their investments, when it would seem that they would want to be most rational...These findings contribute to the notion that psychology has a great deal to contribute to economic theory"

Maybe the investors recognize this mental shortcut and are acting rationally by capitalizing on the trend? Eitherway, this isn't surprising. We don't give people nicknames that are clusters of unutterable consonants. And if we did, I'd prefer the people with names like "Fat Hand" or "Chili Bowl" or just plain "Mikey" or "Dude." If "DUDE" isn't a stock ticker symbol it should be. I'd invest just to say I did.

(via: Science Blog, more at: Nature)


jimmy ~ June 04, 2006

Well at least that explains why Cisco continues to perform well and the stock market still fucking destroys it (NSE: CSCO)

Lizzy and Cat ~ June 29, 2006

We are two students from the UK looking for pics of camels... For some reason your site came up.
Ciao Keep it real!

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