Summon archers to the towers! Yahoo!

Posted 9 years ago by Evan Tishuk

Michael Arrington asks if Yahoo is cutting off their nose to spite their face or scorching the earth to sabotage a deal with Microsoft:

But top talent has left anyway, and just about everyone at Yahoo seems to be looking for a job (even execs I’ve spoken with). Meanwhile, the Google deal shows they would rather give up the search marketing game, their biggest asset, than become part of Microsoft.

I can’t decide if nose knifing or scorched earth is the best way of describing what they’re doing, but I have to ask: If Yahoo “wins” this epic battle with Microsoft, will there be anything left at the end to celebrate over?

Either way, the best talent is evaporating and Yahoo is about to be raped, plundered, and eventually homogenized into a soulless corporation. It's like the Norman conquest -- with suits and briefcases. I'd poison the drinking wells and salt the fields too.


Lord ~ 9 years ago

Send diseased goats into the enemy's ranks!

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