Ta5- Jimmy haircut

Posted 9 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Everyone gets a free beer if they show up at Ta5 tomorrow tonight. Hooray beer. I'll buy the first person who compliments Jimmy C on his new haircut while I'm in earshot a second free beer. (Evan, Mad, and Jimmy C are excluded from this give-a-way.)


Mad ~ 9 years ago

What if I compliment YOU on your non-haircut? Does flattery get you a free beer? or does, "flattery gets you everywhere" only pertain to locations and extra cookies at Grandma's?

allen ~ 9 years ago

Actually just talk to me and get a free ticket. I don't drink beer so I always have one available... :D

dave ~ 9 years ago

We gave that one away, um, the guys just weren't mentally prepared and that 1st quarter interception really didn't help things at all. Not to mention when we tried to forget about it the fans just stood by and heckled us while we messed up on simple addition based captchas. It's still early in the season, next time we'll step our game up and get those haircut play calls. It's still week 3.

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