The $500 Price Tag alone is enough for me

Posted 15 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Reason not to buy the iPhone.


olivier ~ 15 years ago

Reason #2: It forces you to use cingular/at&t.

(It's kind of like BMW forcing you to use only EXXON gasoline. Ridiculous.)

Reason #3: It costs $500! Go buy an XBox360 or a wii or something. Or both. Or a mountain bike. Or seven pairs of running shoes. Or a good suit. Or an annual membership at a gym. It's a friggin phone, for crying outloud!

Reason #4: If you drop it, it'll shatter into a million pieces just like my $49.99 POS phone.

Reason #5: Your three iPods might get jealous.

Reason #6: Nasty fingerprints and oily residue from your face all over that pretty screen.

Reason #7: The geeky case you're going to have to slip it into and carry it around in so it doesn't get scratched. (Between the bluetooth earpiece you wear 24/7 and all the electronics strapped to your belt, you already look like a tool. Not cool.)

Reason #8: You still won't be able to blog and drive at the same time.

Reason #9: You'll look superfly while "the new at&t" drops your calls every time you try and show it off.

Reason #10: It doesn't come equipped with a bottle opener. Yet.

Jim Ciallella ~ 15 years ago

Hey, I've got Reef flip flops with a bottle opener. Perhaps they should look at the old Inspector Gadget shows and turn your shoes into a phone. Or, better yet, Olivier's Heelys with a built in cellphone.

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