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Posted March 03, 2006 by Adam Gautsch

Plus five for Clemson University having a full time satire newspaper. Minus ten for being an almost direct rip-off of The Onion. It's okay to be inspired by The Onion but at least try to have a less similar name, logo, and web page layout. Still, "Tiger Celebrates 1,000th Article on Parking" is pretty funny headline for those that went to Clemson.

I agree on the name issue but It's actually pretty damn well-done. I'm impressed. You can tell there are some dork engineers on the staff when you see the faux-headline, "New Healthy Salt: Half the Sodium, Twice the Chloride." But their support of the Clemson Robot for president (pics, vid) seals it. I'm subscribing to their RSS now.


Adam Gautsch ~ March 03, 2006

Bear Update:
I agree that it is well done and am happy they are doing it and hope they continue to do it. It is in my RSS as well.

All I'm saying is- these are clearly creative people, show some creativity with the naming and identity of the project.

Evan Tishuk ~ March 03, 2006

All else pales in comparison to the awesomeness of the Clemson Robot campaign.

Jim ~ March 03, 2006

Funny thing is, I went up to the Clemson Robot while he was campaigning on campus and he does everything as a robot would...walk, talk, even dance. He's definitely got my vote.

Evan Tishuk ~ March 03, 2006

Makes we want to go back to school and rock the vote. Thanks for stopping by Jim, I see you blogged on this before. Don't be a stranger.

Adam Gautsch ~ March 03, 2006

Well, lets see if we can't crash their servers.

jimmy ~ March 04, 2006

fucking priceless. I wish we would have done this back when we were in clemson

Evan Tishuk ~ March 04, 2006

Jimmy: I know. You'd have been a ridiculous robot and it would have been a great outlet for your dancing compulsion. The robot also appears to be an electrical engineer.

jimmy ~ March 05, 2006

has to be. The professor in one of their "academics" video was one of my professors from freshman year. He is a nutcase, needless to say he is a great teacher. I cracked up when I saw him in the video. He is the only EE prof who would have done that.

nobrainer ~ March 06, 2006

They do have a point about how bad the Tiger is. UVA definitely deserves credit for delivering a superior product -- daily.

Hopefully the almond can keep up some momentum without getting shut down by a lawsuit.

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