The animal revolution

Posted 6 years ago by Adam Gautsch

We've been keeping a close eye on the Robot Uprising for a while. But each day, it becomes clearer we need to track the Animal Revolution too.

Example 1: An antelope preforming a flying burrotio on a mountian biker.

Example 2:A turkey herding a woman

Rest assured, we'll continue to keep an eye on this trend.


Lord ~ 6 years ago

Whenever there is a possibility for there to be some sort of potentially apocalyptic uprising of some sort or another (robots, zombies, dinosaurs, etc.) I tend to tern to the infinite wisdom of webcomics to direct my actions. As such I must recommend the reading of Bearmageddon. It is an imporant warning to us all . . . about bears with octopus tentacles and bat wings. Very timely and topical polical satire obviously.

Lord ~ 6 years ago

If "Lord of Beasts" were a real game I would play the heck out of it.

Brock ~ 6 years ago

simply fantastic. that is one badass turkey. hopefully, come November, he'll get his comeuppance.

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