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Posted August 15, 2007 by Adam Gautsch

It is clear both guys respect each other as business people. I can only imagine how intense of business person Tiger is. As Anthony explains it,

"He has incredible desire," Anthony said. "And that desire leads him to do whatever is necessary to be prepared for every situation -- knowing his competition, knowing every shot, knowing what he's got to do.

"This was not a simple deal," Anthony said, "because basically these guys leave nothing to chance. There's no loose ends on the deal."

I imagine that Anthony would not have had the same quote if he was announcing a Phil Mickelson designed course.

Another cool quote from the Greenville News article is Tiger's take on Anthony.

"Certain people you just feel at ease around," Woods said, "and Jim is that." He said Anthony was "straightforward and honest -- whatever's on his mind, he'll say it. That's great. He's very direct, and I thoroughly enjoyed that."

Having sat across from Jim Anthony before I understand what Tiger is saying. I think part of the brilliance of Anthony is that he has that good ole' boy charm mixed with Tiger's same intensity when need be. There are plenty of stories to heard about Anthony's intensity and demand for results.

From everything that I know of both the Cliffs and Tiger I think this is going to be a good match. Both demand greatness and I imagine both will push each other higher than before.


Bobby ~ August 15, 2007

I think when it is all said and done, Tiger will go down as not only the greatest golfer, but possibly the greatest athlete of all time. He is simply amazing to watch. In addition to his skill and power, his mental prowess is ureal.

I'd be excited too if Tiger planned to build a golf course anywhere near my home. Just wonder how much it will cost and if it will be outrageously difficult.

Jimmy C needs to get the Tiger / Cliffs hook up. Next thing you know, the Orangecoat logo will be right next to the Swoosh on Tiger's sleeve...if I could use Photoshop, I'd attach a picture of Tiger with a superimposed OrangeCoat logo on this sleeve.

Adam Gautsch ~ August 15, 2007

Wow. That's a pitch

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