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Posted November 15, 2006 by Adam Gautsch

Tom has introduced us to the greatest marketing website for a blender company--ever. And we thank him. Will It Blend tests to see if the Total Blender can blend things like marbles, Coke cans, golf balls, and rake handles.


Evan Tishuk ~ November 15, 2006

The horn section in the background music makes the whole thing. Without that it's not nearly as effective. Note to self: 60's style brass gameshow music makes demonstration videos more fun.

I'll tell you what, this damn Blender is dangerous. Imagine how much more Chunk would have told the Fertelli's if they were using one of these things?!

"Everything? OK! I'll talk! In third grade, I cheated on my history exam. In fourth grade, I stole my uncle Max's toupee and I glued it on my face when I was Moses in my Hebrew School play. In fifth grade, I knocked my sister Edie down the stairs and I blamed it on the dog... When my mom sent me to the summer camp for fat kids and then they served lunch I got nuts and I pigged out and they kicked me out... But the worst thing I ever done - I mixed a pot of fake puke at home and then I went to this movie theater, hid the puke in my jacket, climbed up to the balcony and then, t-t-then, I made a noise like this: hua-hua-hua-huaaaaaaa - and then I dumped it over the side, all over the people in the audience. And then, this was horrible, all the people started getting sick and throwing up all over each other. I never felt so bad in my entire life."

olivier blanchard ~ November 15, 2006

Two words: Decaf.

ihatetrucks ~ November 16, 2006

That could be the best blender related website ever (I do not count the frog in the blender website as a real blender website, it's focus was more frog related. However, it could make the best frog related website).

The only way it could have been better would have been if they would have put a bunch of live frogs in the blender and made someone drink that. Mmmmmmmm green smoothy

ihatetrucks ~ November 16, 2006

BTW: you can go on thier site and recommend things to blend together. I suggested a bag of hair and a couple of oranges (think about it).

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