The Fallen Princess Series

Posted 8 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Princess with a drinking problem
View the full series. (via Kottke)


dave ~ 8 years ago

Looks like Belle is having some domestic abuse problems.

Get it?

*nudge* *nudge*

cjniya ~ 8 years ago

Do you still believe in the fairy stories and think that Prince and Princess would have a happy ending? Do you still believe in that love would last forever? If the answer is No. Congratulations! You are in the world of adults. One important feature for being mature is, you are no long fond of the happy ending of every story. Recently, Dina Goldstein, the photographer, released the collection of Fallen Princess. Maybe it is te first time that females re-observe the fantastic fairy stories in another way.
In this collection, Dina Goldstein just sets up some scenes which are familiar to us and could be found in our daily life. Cinderella is no more the girl in crystal shoes, but the girl who could not take a taxi, the girl who has the lipstick-teeth problem and the girl who needs to have a drink in order to get rid of the bad mood. The ball is over, the prince has something to do alone and even Cinderella has to fact to life all by herself.
Snow White could be the virgin forever in the fairy story, she is fair, she is innocent and she could never be a mother. But what is in the reality? After the wedding, Snow White became an ordinary housewife and has to give birth to the children. No more luxury jewel in the box for her, a silver rubber wristbands could be a nice decoration then. The Rapunzel might face to the terrible fact of baldness; the Little Red Cap would not stay as a little girl forever but comes to her maturity and the delicious cookie would give her a big belly; the Sleeping Beauty could stay young as she sleeps all the time, but her husband, the pretty prince would enter the Nursing House as he becomes old. The American Army would destroy Jasmine’s hometown and the facial surgery would take place on Bella’s face. Lots of terrible things would happen to these beautiful princesses. And this is the real world.

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