The George Costanza Networking Method

Posted August 11, 2006 by Adam Gautsch

When I first started attending networking events no one knew who I was and visa versa. I was just the weird kid in the flip flops. Nonetheless, I just kept showing up and showing up. I'm not the most outgoing person in a crowd so I would just meet a couple of people a meeting. And keep showing up and showing up. Doing this for a long enough time people start knowing and remembering who you are. I was practicing, without knowing it, the George Costanza Networking Method (GCNM).

The GCNM is a pretty easy. Every time you go to an event get your name stuck in one persons head just like a radio jingle, Co-stanza. Pretty soon, enough people remember you and they start introducing you around to more people and the jingle spreads. Co-stanza. Next thing you know everyones good friends and life is much easier.

Social networking is still not the easiest thing in the world but I just keep showing up, keep spreading the jingle and things keep getting easier.




nobrainer ~ August 11, 2006


Adam Gautsch ~ August 11, 2006

No brainer or not, I know going to these things aren't always easy to the introverts of the world and I know that you might not see a good business reason to go, especially at first, if you aren't meeting a bunch of people and getting a bunch of business from them. I'm just encouraging all that are like me to stick with it and keep going to them. They are helpful to your business and they become easier the more you go. Don't give up after the first uncomfortable time or 10.

nobrainer ~ August 11, 2006

I wasn't criticizing, I was just doing my own Co-stanza.

I guess I should have gone with Neu-brander

Adam Gautsch ~ August 11, 2006

Ahhh, see it doesn't work as well on the online world as the real world.

Jimmy ~ August 12, 2006

Bear, Just take me to one of these events. I garuntee they will remember you after that...."that is the guy who brought that asshole who ruined this for all the rest of us"

Evan Tishuk ~ August 12, 2006

Jimmy. Along with your side-business as a master of wedding receptions, stand-in groomsman, and office party sparkplug, you might be able to sell your services as "asshole who ruins things" too. Not sure who'd buy that service, but you've certainly been forcing it on us for at least 8 years. I'd say you're appoaching "expert" level on that.

Jim Ciallella ~ August 12, 2006

Also, add "guy who tries to hook-up with your girlfriend's younger sister" to Jimmy's list of services.

Jimmy ~ August 12, 2006

Jim, you can't tell me that wasn't one of the funniest nights...Looking back at it. Sure at the time you were upset because you had to deal with the GF, but now....nothing but laughs. am I right or am I right?

olivier blanchard ~ August 13, 2006

I may have a job for Jimmy.

Keith ~ August 14, 2006

I also employ the GCNM technique. I don't mesh well with people in my field, in part because I tend to strike people as a freaking retard whereas I view my peers as huge raging nerds that have learned a marginal amount of fashion sense since high school let out.

So, when I go to IT meetings I rarely say anything, but over time I've witnessed the value of merely being present for roll call. I think it has something to do with the kinship that's fostered when people share in the quiet, uneventful hell of monthly update meetings. I don't know.

Swamp Fox ~ August 16, 2006

Bear. Who are you kidding? You're still the weird kid in the flip flops, not to mention the orange coat.

Adam Gautsch ~ August 16, 2006

Yea but they know my name now.

Natalia Muska ~ August 23, 2006

See, Adam, you need to consider this when naming your children. Give them a name people will remember, so they are the only one in the room with that name, start branding early. I also see why you've been a lot friendlier to me, trying to soak up some of my networking, be everywhere at all times, magic, I get it.

I myself work with demigods, so I am blessed to be in their presence every day and am lucky if they call me Natalia instead of Natalie. Does that mean I’m not doing a good job networking, Natalie is close enough right?

Jimmy, there is nothing funny about a 21 year old trying to bag a 16 year old. I’m with Jim on this one. You’re a perv. You do bring reception magic, I'll always be greatful for that. When your dad loses his pants during the father daughter dance you need someone to top the absurdity of it all, so for that, I thank you.

Evan Tishuk ~ August 23, 2006

All good comments Natalie. I think Adam's not-so-nickname of "Bear" is crucial to his personal networking campaign. Everyone remembers a guy named "Bear." Adam? Not so much. Couple "Bear" with flip-flops and an orange blazer, and you truly have the perfect storm of networking mojo. He doesn't even need to talk to anyone.

Also, Jimmy was 23 at the time... yeah.

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