The Google Black hole

Posted 9 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Jaiku and JotSpot are examples of a phenomenon I call the Google black hole. Despite Google's reputation for fostering new companies, many services that nestle into Mountain View's welcoming bosom are never heard from again. The pattern: Company gets bought out. Users rejoice. Company lies fallow for months. Users grow impatient. Company's employees get farmed out to other Google projects. Company lies fallow for more months. Users get even more impatient ...

Preach it Farhad. I can't think of a company Google bought and made better. Writely is my go to example. It was possibly the most polished web app I ever used and then Google bought it and dirtied the damn thing up.

That being said, I still use Google Docs, Gmail, GCal....


Nobrainer ~ 9 years ago

Not exactly along the same lines, Blogger certainly hasn't improved drastically, if at all, since its acquisition by Google. I've also seen commentary about YouTube and that Google would be best to either get rid of it.

There may also be a different Google black hole. I am sometimes certain that I know that certain content lies within a certain domain. However I am unable to locate that content with Google queries. It could be my memory, but I'm curious if other people experience similar problems.

Adam Gautsch ~ 9 years ago

My guess is the pages you can't find through Google were made that way on purpose by the person creating the page. Setting the robot.txt file to not index that page or some such.

In general, I consider Google to be my memory online and like my regular memory there are a couple of black spots from a night or two of too many drinks or a concussion and such. I imagine Google is the same way. Every once in a while it likes to enjoy a glass of bourbon or two.

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