The K9's will defend us

Posted January 28, 2008 by Adam Gautsch

Josie Bob and her K-9 friends will save us from the robots.


Lord ~ January 28, 2008

The robot in this video is one creepy machine. It kind of reminds me of the Tripods from "War of the Worlds" (though obviously not a tripod what with the four legs). I would never endorse the purchase of such a device -- in fact I am half tempted to drive around to all nearby RadioShack locations and destroy their stock of these evil automatons.

olivier Blanchard ~ January 29, 2008

Anything with three legs creeps me out.

Wait... that came out wrong.

Susan ~ January 29, 2008

Bear, you have finally convinced me to call off my plans to steal Josie. As much as I want her for my own, I would never forgive myself if you were attacked by self-aware robots and did not have her to defend you.

(Of course, you must consider that in this scenario I am left defenseless against such attacks, and perhaps I'm declaring a truce so that you let your guard down)

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