The Lake House

Posted 16 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Maybe you're being pressured into watching the 'Lake House' this weekend. Maybe you'd prefer not to attend this crap movie. Make a deal, dinner and dramatic reading of Stephen Hunter's review. Everyone will be happier.

"The Lake House" has the sensibility of something conceived by Stephen King after an overdose of chocolate-covered cherries and valentine cards. In other words, it's sugary sweet and based on a premise that's just -- no other word will do -- ridiculous.

It's like "What would happen if trucks turned into monsters?"

And if you say, "Well, you know, trucks probably wouldn't turn into monsters," you're hopelessly lost.

"Lake House's" variation on the absurd premise is as follows: What would happen if a rural mailbox turned into a wormhole in time so someone from 2004 could communicate with someone from 2006?

And it's no defense to say, "That would be unusual behavior for a mailbox."

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