The Muppets made Christmas Better

Posted December 10, 2007 by Evan Tishuk

Part of Christmas for me growing up was listening to the vinyl record of "A Christmas Together" by The Muppets and John Denver (1979). Little Saint Nick was my favorite song on the entire album and Animal screaming, "RUN RUN REINDEER" gets me every time. Then there is Miss Piggy's Christmas calypso which comes in a close second.


Lord ~ December 11, 2007

Growing up we had a family tradition of watching "The Muppets Christmas Carol" every year. Muppets sure have a way of taking something as classic as Charles Dickens and making it into a fun puppet/human interaction musical. Boy it would sure be weird if puppet/human interaction were everyday occurences.

CArp ~ December 14, 2007

The entire CD is an outstanding piece of music. Believe it or not, it was not until I met Michelle that I came to understand the power of John Denver and Muppets. Now, it makes the Christmas season brighter.

BTW, Evan, we've got the CD if you need to put it on your ipod. I

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