The Murph has been Chipped away

Posted July 06, 2007 by Adam Gautsch

Chipper Jones broke Dale Murphy's Atlanta Braves home run record. I don't know the proper emotional response for this. Should I be

  • A:: Happy that Chipper has stayed a Brave and a good hitter for so long.
  • B:: Be angry with Chipper for breaking my childhood hero's record.
  • C:: Be angry with Chipper for not living up to his full potential.


Evan Tishuk ~ July 06, 2007

B and C. Then try and replace your chilhood hero with somebody else -- like the great Don Mattingly.

Adam Gautsch ~ July 06, 2007

The numbers don't lie
Dale Murphy

Don Mattingly

Give me the Murph.

Evan Tishuk ~ July 06, 2007

You're right about one thing: the numbers certainly do not lie. I'll give Dale the longevity award, but Don was a better hitter... and struck out nearly 4 times LESS than the Murph... and had a better mustache. And now that you are faced with the trump card of mustache-quality I think I'll close my case.

Adam Gautsch ~ July 06, 2007

Strike out's shrmikeout's.

Murph has
More HR's, RBI's and runs scored (the point is to score runs).

Twice as many MVP awards.

Played tougher position in the field.

Mattingly did have a beast of 1985 season.

Susan ~ July 08, 2007

If mustache quality were to really count for anything in selection of a childhood hero, we'd all have a few more Rollie Fingers baseball cards lying around. Bear, I'm right there with you (as you know my allegiance to Dale) and while I've never been a huge Chipper fan, I was really impressed with the article. He seems very gracious and humble, so it's tough to stay angry at him for long.

Adam Gautsch ~ July 09, 2007

Yeah, I will say that throughout Chipper's career he has been nothing but respectful to Murph.

I guess I can't be to mad at the guy. If anything I'm just a little bitter at Chipper for not doing more with his talent and some of those Braves teams in that late 90's.

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