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Posted 14 years ago by Adam Gautsch

One of OrangeCoat's first pitches as a company was to Clemson University in hopes to redo That was three years ago and it didn't work out. We did get to design the though, and we're proud of that site for sure. Well, Jim just pointed out that launched a new design and I'm almost willing to pay Clemson to let OrangeCoat redesign, the redesign.


Adam Gautsch ~ 14 years ago

A better post just occurred to me:

First losing to Carolina and now this redesign. Clemson athletics, why do you hate me so?

Jim ~ 14 years ago

Anything to clean up the design. Too much clutter. All of the banners, boxes and the overall un-organized feel is killing me.

I didn't like the old design, and this one isn't much of improvement now that I've had a chance to look through all of it.

ihatetrucks ~ 14 years ago

Come on, are you kidding me, that is like the
Iroc Z of websites. If the music video "Cradle of Love" had a website, it would look like that because it rocks easy.

CTown ~ 14 years ago

Some guys on tigernet were talking about the new redesign and how they liked it. I decided to check it out for myself, and thought that it sucked. Now that I know they could have had Orangecoat do it and decided against it in favor of this current crap, I think it REALLY sucks. I wonder who made the call on the webpage - probably Bowden.

Evan Tishuk ~ 14 years ago

CSTV runs the site (as well as many other university athletic sites). It's a "you'll get what we give you" type of deal. Design is a low man on the totem pole behind a mountian of other functional factors that bureaucrats love to have at their disposal. It's not a game I want to play, and I'm glad we're not involved.

tom sherman ~ 14 years ago

Count your blessings. At least it's not Northwestern's site.

Adam Gautsch ~ 14 years ago

"I wonder who made the call on the webpage - probably Bowden."

No doubt it was assistant coach. We know it is never Tommy's fault.

Swamp Fox ~ 14 years ago

Why would anyone ever visit the Northwestern athletics site?

Evan Tishuk ~ 14 years ago

HAHAHAH! Don't even try to defend your alma mater Tom.

Susan ~ 14 years ago

I rather like my alma mater's athletic site, in particular the bold headline reading "2006 ACC Champions"

Had to. Sorry.

Evan Tishuk ~ 14 years ago

Ouch. Cruel.

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