The New Coverge SE Site

Posted 6 years ago by Adam Gautsch

It's been a good damn long time since a new website made me excited. There are a lot of well executed sites, but not many that are different and creative and serve the brand in a real way. The new Converge SE made me excited and achieved everything it needed to do and then some. Congrats and good job to everyone who worked on the site.


John Abercrombie ~ 6 years ago

Will you guys be attending the conference in Columbia? Also, is the conference free? I was searching the site and didn't see any prices for the two-day seminar. Your thoughts?

Adam Gautsch ~ 6 years ago

Yep, we'll be there. No, the conference isn't free. I'm not sure what this year's rate will be.

John Abercrombie ~ 6 years ago

Alright Bear, well get back to me on those prices. Maybe we could carpool? Haha.

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