The OC Fights Rnd 4: Bill Gates v. Steve Jobs

Posted October 22, 2007 by Adam Gautsch

Both are terribly successful and have serious eff you money.

The big differences as I see it are:

When looking at simple business metric standpoint Bill Gates was more successful. He built a company that is the market leader in almost all areas it decides to fight in and, in turn, Gates became the richest man in the world. In the process Gates and his company became hated, literally hated, by a large group of people. Moreover, the products his company creates never wows the average Joe and the company's brand is old and boring.

Jobs, on the other hand, was very successful at creating a brand and selling a bunch of hardware. In the process he became a cult leader (of sorts) and most of his products are considered revolutionary and fawned over by the average Joe and the technology press.

So would your rather have the most successful business on the block but not exactly liked or have a very successful company and be passionately loved by a group of people?


olivier blanchard ~ October 22, 2007

Can't we just have Steve and Bill duke it out in a slayer game of Halo3? (My money would be on Bill.)

Evan Tishuk ~ October 22, 2007

Bill Gates and MS always seem to be swimming against the current...or conversely just lazily floating. Steve Jobs and Apple swim with the current or create a new and better river. Steve Jobs probably has lower blood pressure, a better sex life, and a lot of happy cult members--I mean employees and customers. Bill has frumpy sweaters and a giant money-bin that he can swim in.

Almost universal admiration v. Almost universal distrust and anger. I'm going Steve Jobs on this one.

olivier blanchard ~ October 22, 2007

You have to admit that a pool filled with money (Uncle Scrooge style) is pretty darn kewl.

Adam Gautsch ~ October 22, 2007

I think Scrooge McDuck is partially responsible for 'Greed is Good' 1980's. Who doesn't want to swim in pool of money?

Lord ~ October 23, 2007

I wonder about the logistics of swimming in a pool of money. I have a feeling you are gonna be getting some serious workout. I'd recommend taking a shower afterwards though, unless you like that stinky money smell . . .

Anyway, Gates vs Jobs. I say they should go at it Thunder Dome style . . . "Two massive computer company execs enter, only one leaves!" Tough choice, but I have a feeling Gates has had some personal training with Shaolin monks, making him not only the richest person in the world, but the worlds most deadly computer nerd.

olivier blanchard ~ October 23, 2007

Lord has a point: Bill could afford some pretty serious Kung-Fu training (and perhaps some biocybernetic enhancements to boot).

I'm thinking Clark Kent Syndrome, even.

Evan Tishuk ~ October 23, 2007

Swimming through a pool of money would depend on the viscosity of gold & coins versus that of paper money.

olivier blanchard ~ October 23, 2007

You would go about 15% faster swimming in Euros than in US Dollars.

Gold coins would probably hurt though.

Lord ~ October 23, 2007

But let's not forget. Scrooge was a duck, and ducks are damn good swimmers.

also we should really consider Olivier's point that Gates might be going cybernetic . Do we really want to support a half robot super kung-fu exec? I mean that ain't too far from all robot world domination. This things always start with multi-billionaire computer nerds. one day your having shit with IE 7 and the next day a T2000 robot is kicking down your door.

olivier blanchard ~ October 23, 2007

Didn't they recall the T2000?

The unlocked NS5 were kiind of Mac-ish though (and remember what happened with those). Definitely not a Microsoft product.

olivier blanchard ~ October 23, 2007

This definitely doesn't look like soemthing Steve Jobs would prototype. And yet...

My money is definitely on Bill.

Will ~ November 09, 2007

If we went by size and stamina, without knowing their training background. Jobs seems a bit more sturdier. I think he would handle the rounds, heck he survived the MS surge and has come out pretty well for endurance.

So I think Steve Jobs would win, hand to hand.

however the scores, stats, and most data would be kept on a PC, so Gates would have that leverage.

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