The OC Fights: Round 2

Posted March 30, 2007 by Adam Gautsch

1. This a bare knuckle boxing match. No guns, Riggs is too good of a shot. (HT: to Olivier for this rule)
2. Both must always be smoking
3. Don't let the real life actors sway your judgment. This is Riggs v. McClane not Gibson v. Willis.

Besides that, everything is fair game. Let the fight begin.


Mex ~ March 01, 2008

Hey dear friends,

what a question... there can be only one winner in this fight - Martin Riggs. He's crazy and special forces trained! Bad news for Johnny, but this guy would beat the shit out of McLane... no doubt!


ihatetrucks ~ March 30, 2007

I think an additional rule would be both have to be fighting with a hangover.

ihatetrucks ~ March 30, 2007

Riggs is crazy, crazy always wins. McLane was not really much of a toe to toe fighter. The only real fight he has was with the blond guy in the first Die Hard and for the most part he got his ass kicked but was able to land a good hook in him.

olivier blanchard ~ March 30, 2007

That's a tough one. They're both pretty tough dudes.

When in doubt, go with the trailer park test, which is a pretty accurate indicator of toughness in American men:

Riggs is a faster runner, but McLane has meaner comebacks.
Riggs: 0
(Unfortunately, running ability and wit are irrelevant under the trailer park rules.)

Riggs drinks beer. Naked. In a trailer.
McLane drinks the hard stuff but keeps his clothes on.
McLane: 1
Riggs: 3

McLane wears a wifebeater. Riggs does not.
McLane: 2
Riggs: 0

But Riggs has a mullet.
McLane: 0
Riggs: 2

Riggs owns a pickup truck.
McLane takes cabs and limos like a city boy sissy.
McLane: 0
Riggs: 1

Riggs cries like a baby.
McLane has trouble telling his wife he loves her.
McLane: 1
Riggs: -2

McLane sounds like he's from Philly.
Riggs has a weird accent I can't quite place.
McLane: 0
Riggs: -1

Riggs has a Special Forces tattoo on his arm.
McLane has a no ink that I can see.
McLane: 0
Riggs: 1

Riggs is widowed. McLane is divorced.
McLane: 1
Riggs: 0

Riggs only smokes American cigarettes.
McLane occasionally smokes euro brands.
McLane: -1
Riggs: 1

Final score -

McLane: 4
Riggs: 5

There you have it. Riggs edges out McLane by a hair.

Evan Tishuk ~ April 01, 2007

I got my money on McLane--he doesn't use hairspray.

Jim ~ April 01, 2007

I'll take McLane on this one, though it's a close call. Riggs and McLane are about even on speed and agility, but McLane could last longer in a fistfight. Apparently there's another Die Hard in the making (12 years after the last installment), which only backs up McLane's endurance.

Yippee-ki-yay Riggs.

Respiro, the logo design guy ~ April 02, 2007

...and after the fight, the one will survive, will meet a beautiful blond lady? What do you think?


Susan ~ April 02, 2007

McClane. Any girl will tell you that bald(ing) > mullet any day of the week. The only exception would be hockey players.

Adam Gautsch ~ April 02, 2007

I'm still not convinced who would win, but Evan and I are both happy to hear people siding with male pattern baldness over bad hair styles.

Mad Holman ~ April 04, 2007

Martin Riggs wins for me. I know the action in Die Hard was more unrealistic and harder than in Lethal Weapon, but in Riggs definately didn't need to escape all the time. Riggs went through the same dangerous situations as McClane and he did not need Murtaugh in first two films. So both are have similar toughness, McClane looks like tougher but it only looks like that when it comes to it. Riggs survives cooler and more profesional way which McClane would be able to show. But since Riggs doesnt need lack and kills bad ass killers as many as he can and he always succeded a thing he has the edge over McClane in killing. McClane does it one by one and has hard time after hard time.Riggs gets from any hard time like McClane but he fights many and still doesnt have any hard time. Riggs has hard times only at few situations and his hard times are just like McClanes.So on one hand McClane survived more hard times than Riggs,but Riggs proved he would survived them too.He didnt survive so many but he did survive the same level of dangerousness. So they are both survivors of greatest level,but Riggs is far better killer,McClane is not bad but he never kills more then one terrorist at one time like Riggs does all the time. So in one on one fight Martin Riggs most awesome shooting would be too much for McClane who barely survives attacks of normal terrorists, he would not survive Riggs. Not at the end because Riggs would survive his attacks quite easilly but Riggs attacks are too sharp.If it is hand to hand combat than it would be closer,but one on one shooting fight?Martin Riggs surely wins.If it is who is better against the terrorists and mafians then it is nearly equall, both win at the end,but again Riggs kills them cooler!!!

Winner: Riggs in everything, but McClane puts up great fight!!!

C-Spin ~ April 14, 2007

How is this even a contest. Didn't Riggs have special forces training in Nam? He also took on a young Jet Li, after turning 40....

No real contest here. In a war of insurgency Mc might have the edge, but in toe-to-toe survival, Riggs is the man!

Sly ~ July 28, 2007

In the first film, Riggs was definitely more of a badass. Hence the term Lethal Weapon. McClane showed that he was quite human in the first Die Hard flick, and that vulnerability is what made the character so appealing. However, McClane did get tougher with each passing film, while Riggs got weaker and weaker, which annoyed the hell out of me. (Did he even win a single fistfight in LW3?)

The tiebreaker here for me is that X-factor. McClane wipes out gangs of terrorists by himself, including two armies in DH2. I also think the fact that he always finds a way to win is what makes him the favorite here. It's like any great boxer who finds a way to win. McClane is smart and he always finds a way to come out on top. I suspect he'd do the same in a fight with Riggs. My vote is McClane.

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