The OC Fights: Round 3

Posted September 06, 2007 by Adam Gautsch

Quick question people, how do you prefer your pasta Al Dente or Well Done.


Jubilant Pillager ~ September 26, 2007

Isn't there a perfectly in the middle stage? I mean, why does it have to be under cooked or over cooked? There isn't a medium (like steak)? If I am not given that option then I guess well, al dente is said to be healthier as you burn more calories eating it, however, being told what to do kind of itches my skin so much I probably just won't eat pasta now.

Evan Tishuk ~ September 06, 2007

Al Dente if it's something like penne. More well done if it's a longer noodle -- I think those are easier to fork.

Nobrainer ~ September 06, 2007

Well done, definitely.

olivier ~ September 06, 2007

Steaks can be well done (if you insist on insulting the memory of a cow), but pasta is always al dente.

Jim Ciallella ~ September 07, 2007

This one time, I ate it right out of the box. I think that means I prefer it crunchy Oh, and I also eat dry dog food when the opportunity presents itself. Thanks Josie.

todd ~ September 08, 2007

Al dente. The way it was intended.

KMindigo ~ September 09, 2007

Ever had Marriott catered lasagna where the noodles held up like wet toilet paper? Gross... On the other hand, spaghetti and meatballs isn't too tasty if the spaghetti still cracks like a pencil. (As long as the meatballs are supple you still have one heck of a meal!!)

Can't we find some common ground?

General Lordisimo ~ September 10, 2007

The real question is whether or not the pasta is tri-colored . . . how it is cooked just depends on how well you know how to cook pasta in the first palce (though if your are getting it at a good Italian place then I would hope they would know how to make it Al Dente).

Paivi ~ September 10, 2007

I thought you cook it until you can throw the pasta against the fridge and it sticks. Guess that wouldn't work for penne. I'm with you Jim. I've eated raw pasta since I got teeth. Here I thought I was the only one. I'm not a freak after all.

Susan ~ September 10, 2007

I think the green-bean rule applies here: If at an upscale restaurant, and the dish could be considered gourmet and/or healthy, then al Dente. If at a buffet where one of the words is intentionally misspelled (i.e. "Kuntry") OR at the house of a southern family member, well done.

The key is understanding the context, be it fine dining or comfort food.

Ihatetrucks ~ September 18, 2007

I used to eat pasta uber-al dente because it would absorb alcohol and enable a longer more violent drinking binge.

Tiffany Anne ~ September 19, 2007

Al dente, unless it's spaghetti. Then, it's definitely well done.

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