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Posted 10 years ago by Adam Gautsch

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We all like to taste good things, but we rarely know why we like something or how to describe it. We see this same problem when talking about design and business in general.

This is why over the course of the next year OrangeCoat is putting together a series of gourmet tastings. This adventure aims to build a vocabulary and an appreciation for good tastes across many media. There are interesting parallels to explore between food, drinks, art, design, and the business of communication. Our goal is to help people better describe what they are looking for in all walks of life by teaching them techniques to better explain their likes and dislikes in food and drink.

It starts with a Coffee Cupping

Our first tasting is going to be a coffee cupping held at Liquid Highway's Corporate Headquarters.

We are starting with a coffee cupping because, simply put, the world loves coffee. It's the second most traded commodity behind oil. Also, it's going to be first in a series of tasting (yes, a wine tasting is in the works) and we felt there was no better way to start the series than with the drink most people start their day with. Not to mention, coffee has a far more complex flavor profile than many other popular drinks including wine.

Basically, we want to start with something that stimulates the taste buds and caffeinates* the mind. Coffee is pretty perfect for all these criteria.

Interested in Attending?

We've got a couple spots open for the coffee cupping OrangeCoat is sponsoring and we wanted to extend the offer to our blog readers.

The owner of Liquid Highway, Dwain Waller and the Master Roaster, Reed Wilson will be putting on an entertaining and informative coffee cupping.

  • When: July 8th at 9am
  • Where: Liquid Highway's Corporate Headquarters Located off of Butler Road at 48 Brookfield Oaks Drive, Suite F Greenville SC 29607 (Map)
  • Why: To experience coffee in a whole new light
  • Cost: Free

RSVP, Please

Spots for this event are limited. If you are interested please email me ( an RSVP ASAP.

*It appears caffeinates is not a word but I like that sentence too much to change the wording. Hi Ho.


Patrick ~ 10 years ago

I think this is an excellent idea to help us slow down and be more discerning about what we often rush through. I am glad I just got confirmation and I'm on the list.

Adam Gautsch ~ 10 years ago

Glad you can make it as well. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Nicole P. Johnson ~ 10 years ago

I love the concept, and think this is very "ahead of the curve" glad to be apart of it!

Susan Sebotnick ~ 10 years ago

I think Caffeinate is a word... It may be "slang", but it is a recognized word.

Caffeinate: to caffeinate (third-person singular simple present caffeinates, present participle caffeinating, simple past and past participle caffeinated)

I'm looking forward to the Coffee Cupping tomorrow!


Logan ~ 10 years ago

Great "cupping" this morning - learned a lot including how coffee can taste like a green bell pepper and yet still taste good...
Thanks again!

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