The Origin of "Guy"

Posted June 17, 2006 by Evan Tishuk

Remember V for Vendetta? Well, you may know that the masked character was a likeness of Guy (Guido) Fawkes--one of the men behind the Gunpowder Treason of 1605. What you may not know is that "Guy Fawkes' name is also the origin of the word 'guy' in the English language." So next time you opt for "you's guys" instead of its more ridiculous equivalent "all y'all," thank Guido Fawkes for asking his friends to call him "Guy."


Adam Gautsch ~ June 17, 2006

RE: Y'all.

For those of y'all that haven't lived in the south for any amount of time you might not realize how big of a divide the word y'all is in the culture.

The transplants hate it for reason's I'll never understand and southerners hate when transplants (aka yankees) come down and bitch about southern culture, especially something as trivial as the word y'all, even though they choose to live here.

I fear the word y'all might cause the second civil war. It's a damn shame.

I have a dream that I can live in world where all y'all's and you's guys can live in harmony in the same area of the country with low real estate prices, sunny days, and great BBQ. I have a dream today.

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