The secret OrangeCoat sauce will be revealed

Posted June 19, 2008 by Jim Ciallella

There are no two ways about it, OrangeCoat does custom work. Every project we do calls for different design and functionality. However, there are tasks we do for most, if not all, web projects.

I've jotted down a bunch of notes in an effort to make my life easier and to document what I do in the event I get hit by a beer truck. I hope to release a good bit of this info into the wild in a series we'll codename "What would ya say ya do here?".

I'll try to avoid cluttering the blog with details that are irrelevant to most of the population. Instead, each topic will start with an executive summary of why it's important and why we do it. We'll follow with a more detailed explanation and/or links to other resources.

If all goes well, you'll learn, I'll learn from your comments, site traffic will get a boost, and OrangeCoat will end up with an impressive list showing off the added "spices" we put in our web recipes to make them tastier. Oh yes, and I'll have more than 8 blog posts to my credit.

The List


Adam Gautsch ~ June 19, 2008

We prefer to say "die in plane crash coming back from a Clemson football National Championship" instead of "get hit by a beertruck" around these parts.

dave ~ June 19, 2008

You know, there are so many opportunities to make jokes about a "Clemson football National Championship" there, but in the spirit of being a nice person, I'll keep them and my Ohio State jokes to myself.

Furthermore, once again my BLT presence didn't happen today. God hates Thursdays, I am skeptical of God these days and I think there's some manifestation going on that makes it impossible for me to get ANYTHING done on this particular day of the week.

You know what I did today? Chased my mom around Spartanburg county because she had my spare apartment key, which I had to turn in before I move into my new place.

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