The Storm of the Century of the Day

Posted December 15, 2005 by Adam Gautsch

So ice is pretty much kicking Greenville's ass right now. Trees are no match for the ice and everyone is working at the Coffee Underground because it has power, free internet, and food. Seats near a power outlet are as good as gold right now. I staked one out early this morning and haven't left it all day. When I leave, I'm auctioning this bad boy off.

Evan is driving around in circles because every road he tries to go down is blocked by trees or downed powerlines. Besides that, it is just a normal day in Greenville.

Good times.


Jeremy ~ December 15, 2005

I spoke with my family today...they were without power in Easley. Sounds like the upstate got a nice blast of winter.

Looking foward to getting back to the upstate from sunny Charleston (HA...yeah's cold and wet here) on Saturday.

Make sure everything is warm by then, k?

nobrainer ~ December 15, 2005

We're getting a little winter Hell here too. Not too bad though. Half of campus (including my office) is in the dark. On to plan B: Dos Equis.

Evan Tishuk ~ December 16, 2005

I moved to plan C: Drive to Myrtle Beach where there is power and internet. (Heh, I just said "C: Drive." I'm a dork)

[...] Actually, I never really have the urge to litter, but it seems a lot of people can’t fight the impulse to barf their garbage out the car window. This became very clear a few weeks ago when I started to observe a lot of roadside litter on my 15-mile commute into town. It just suddenly popped up. I hadn’t taken particular notice before. Maybe it’s the later sunsets allowing me to see real actual daylight while I drive. Or maybe they’re just now cleaning all the debris from the ice storm back before Christmas. Or perhaps the bright green blades of sprouting grass provide more contrast between beer cans and nature. [...]

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