The Time Machine Did It

Posted June 17, 2006 by Adam Gautsch
Later I asked Professor Groggins about this fight. He said it couldn't have happened and showed me a bunch of equations to prove it. I ran the numbers a couple of times and they checked out. So I guess it didn't happen. But sometimes, when Groggins isn't around, when I'm alone in my room with the lights out, and my calculator's in the other room, I wonder if it did.

I can't tell you how funny that paragraph is when in context. It had me laughing for 10 minutes straight. So, you all must go and buy The Time Machine Did It, by John Swartzwelder. It is a great Simpsons episode mixed with the Big Lebowski. Nuf said.


John Swartzwelder ~ June 26, 2006

My book, is great, I always liked it better than both SNL and Sinpsons, which I also written for, if you like this buy "Double Wonderful" another of my excellent books.

Adam Gautsch ~ June 26, 2006

Not sure if the above comment is from the famous Mr. Swartzwelder or not (Although I image not) but just to let the world know, I did buy Double Wonderful and have read it-- not as a good as The Time Machine Did It-- but still funny.

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