The wonderful life of veal

Posted January 08, 2008 by Adam Gautsch

Years ago, sister Katy returned home from college a vegetarian. One of the first meals after the conversion was at Najjars Pizza Haven. I ordered the veal. She screamed, 'oh no' in all earnestness and true disgust. The owner of Najjars provided the greatest response to my sister's objection, "You really shouldn't be that upset about our veal. You have to ask yourself how authentic any veal is that is $8.99." I tell that story to link to this story about more humane treatment of future veal chops.


Lord ~ January 08, 2008

Does cute = delicious, or is that just the case in the matter of calves?

Meg ~ January 09, 2008

You can't tell me you can read that article and look at that picture and still order veal at a restaurant. However, I do applaud any efforts to educate people about the source of their food. Most people have no idea how animals (or any other food for that matter) ends up on the table, and worse, since they don't have to manage the warehouses or do the killing, they don't care. But education is leading directly to better conditions, and that's great news.

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