The Worst Thing About Macs

Posted 13 years ago by Adam Gautsch

The Worst Thing About Macs. 2714 Diggs and growing.


Patrick ~ 13 years ago

Like the writer of the article I am a Mac user. In fact I am on a MacBook Pro as a write this but this kind of behavior and thinking is not only what's wrong with Macs it what wrong with society in general. It's wrong in politics when people blinding follow a party and will blindly vote for the person in their party, it's wrong to say "Buy American" even when the stuff is crap.

I love competition, I use Windows on my Mac. I'm glad we are getting some good competition in the browser market and I am one of your competitors but I am glad you are here as a choice to people and businesses in our market.

I'm not posting this to say, "Hey I'm not one of them" but rather it's a mode of thinking we seeing in other areas that we really need to fight against. It's certainly not "thinking different."

Jim F. ~ 13 years ago

The blind platform supporter argument goes both ways.

I remember sitting in Cooper Library one night/morning and listening to a guy on his group member's Mac laptop. I knew from listening to him in class that he was a Windows guy and he was over at another table swearing Apple and Steve Jobs up and down. So I went over to try and help the him out. Turns out, it wasn't a hardware or operating system issue...he was having trouble setting tabs in Microsoft Word (Office for Mac). I thought that was pretty funny at the time, or maybe I was just delirious from being in the library so late.

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