The Yeti Throw

Posted 15 years ago by Adam Gautsch

A new (to me) Flash game, the Yeti Throw. Give it a minute, it's more fun than it first appears. (My top was 260)


Jim ~ 15 years ago

394.85 here

There's a Penguin Swing game out there where the penguin jumps off a cliff and the Yeti hits him with a baseball bat. There's also an "M-rated" version of Penguin Swing that involves land mines and a lot of blood (but it's also more fun).

I would link to it, but then no one would get any work done for quite a while. It's more addicting than you would think.

Susan ~ 15 years ago

319.9, and understandably not accessible from work. These games can be so addictive...I spent half a day until I beat the egg toss (

Evan Tishuk ~ 15 years ago

461.65 on the second throw. And then I spent 15 minutes trying to do that again.

Jim ~ 15 years ago

Ah, egg toss...another classic.

Adam Gautsch ~ 15 years ago

Whoa, whoa, whoa, Ms Lippy, the part of the egg game I don't like is if your basket is stationary and you toss the egg up the next basket and miss the egg doesn't land back in the stationary basic even though in this 2-D world that we play in the egg technically has to.

Susan ~ 15 years ago

I'm with ya, Billy....but at the same time it would probably break and you've have to get a new egg anyhow. Going through all that would only add to your total time, so I suppose they're doing you a favor.

Bobby ~ 15 years ago

Egg toss....I'm not even going to point out the irony

olivier blanchard ~ 15 years ago

481.75. Throw #8. Vive la France.

ihatetrucks ~ 15 years ago

i throw one that never landed. beat that ass clowns. The last time I check, the penguin was at 18000 ft the penguin must have bounced up 100 times before I stopped watching

Evan Tishuk ~ 15 years ago

Olivier, your nationalism scares me.

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