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Posted 9 years ago by Adam Gautsch

We've been doing the OCFHWD Friday's for a month now. Though I'm not completely happy with how everything is working there is more good than bad. We certainly have completed more of OC4 during the last four Friday's than we have in the last year. It is just so damn hard to find time to work on your own work. I'm pretty convinced we'd have never gotten a new site up if we didn't do this.

So, here are some things I've learned from working around a table with four guys for the last four Fridays.

Staring out the window is a good thing. At any given time you will find one of the four coaters staring into space. The manager in you tends to wince when you see other do it, then you find yourself doing the same thing two minutes later. Creative work isn't busy work. It needs to breath. It's amazing how much better things get with a little extra stare.

It's pretty damn hard to write when multiple people are talking at you. This goes for designing and coding too. Sitting around a single table is great when you have a bunch of small things that need to get done but uninterrupted quite is great for the big things.

The four of us can't eat a dozen doughnuts.

The more coffee I drink the better I work.

It's hard not to do client work. Clients call and email. Friday sneaks up on you and you still have work that needs to get done for the week. Sometimes Friday is the only time a client can meet. Shit happens. When you are juggling a bunch of clients at once, taking one day week for your own work ain't that simple.

The approval process is much easier when everything is internal. We can fly through internal page designs, business card designs, etc when we are the only people that need to sign off on them.

The approval process isn't always that much easier when everything is internal. Great minds don't always think alike and when we disagree it can often become a serious stalemate.

Everyone likes throwing the kong to Josie.

People like to get sneak peaks of designs. The screen shots of OC4 are some of the most popular pictures on my Flickr account.

You can't recycle a popcorn bag


Jim F. ~ 9 years ago

"Creative work isn’t busy work"

I couldn't agree more. I feel like I'm just pushing out less than my best when I'm really rushed. Good design isn't something that you can just constantly crank out in a few minutes.

I like to take a step back and then come back after a few minutes to re-evaluate what I'm doing. Often times, I'll be like..."what was I thinking" or "this would be much better if I did it like this" after taking a break from staring at a project.

Also, I definitely enjoy looking through the "sneak peeks."

Lord ~ 9 years ago

Bear, this may well be the longest post I've ever read on the Yeti. I am not sure that I feel comfortable with it, regardless of how interesting it is. Though, on the other hand, today has been really slow at the ol' library and so reading a long post is good at taking up some time.

olivier Blanchard ~ 9 years ago

Cubicles may be most flagrant hinderance to doing great work in the entire history of the human race. I need a real desk.

Popcorn bags make terrific portable trash bins for tissues when you have a cold. They do not make good cereal bowls or bicycle helmets, however.

Donuts are always better with rum. Especially on Fridays.

Bear ~ 9 years ago

Our longest post still doesn't match the average length of a Brand Builder post though.

olivier Blanchard ~ 9 years ago

My keyboard has twice as many letters as yours.

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