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Posted 12 years ago by Adam Gautsch

“That's why I write, because life never works except in retrospect. And writing makes you look back. Because since you can't control life, at least you can control your version.” -Chuck Palachniuk- Stranger Than Fiction.

This line jumped out at me when I read it yesterday. It jumped out at me because of conversations I've had the previous week on bloging. The major question or theme of these conversations was, 'Anyone can comment on anything on their blog, is this a good thing?'

What Palachniuk's line made me realize or at least helped me put into words is why many, if not most, people blog. They blog because 'life never works except in retrospect.' The facts of history are just that, facts. However, your take on history is very unique and important. Well, that is important to at least one person, but important nonetheless. And what blogging allows you to do is comment on history and control your version of it.

Now, everyone might not agree with your version of history or even agree that you should write your version down. That matters little. Most people have a deep need to tell their version of history--to provide an opinion. Everyone likes to be asked what they think about topic A and blogs give you that power.

Beyond that, the free market decides on which version wins. If your opinion is no good, no one will read your blog or you will get destroyed in the comment section or on other blogs. (see: Caterina and her bad time to start a business post) If your opinion is good others will praise it by linking to it, commenting on it, and telling others about the post.

People blog for the same reason Chuck Palahniuk or David Sedaris write non-fiction books and articles. People blog because 'life never works except in retrospect'. It is a fact and an impossible fact to stop.



olivier ~ 12 years ago

In my own daily version of history, I tend give myself bigger biceps and a cleaner car.

Evan Tishuk ~ 12 years ago

Yeah. Biceps.

olivier ~ 12 years ago


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