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Deep Sea Beer Treasure Hunt by Mad ~ 7 years ago ~ 1 comment

CNN covers the "World's 'oldest beer' found in shipwreck" more

"Robot + Beer = Awesome" Or the Doom of the Planet? by Mad ~ 7 years ago ~ 3 comments

I love Paste Magazine for many, many reasons. Here, they have honored the creators of a robot built to fetch beer. Not the most novel idea, but the fact it works is pretty freaking sweet. But really, a robot serving alcohol? Sounds like robot invasion tactics to me, especially after finding it's counter-part Beer2-D2. more

Moog Booze by Mad ~ 7 years ago ~ 0 Comments

The Asheville Brewing Company and Bob Moog Foundation have conjured a Moog Filtered Ale to be sold exclusively at Bruisin' Ales (in Asheville) from May 27th till July 31st... and then no mo'. more

Why Converge? by Bear ~ 7 years ago ~ 4 comments

The famous iguanalope, by Evan Tishuk Gene Crawford from Period Three sent me an email asking if I could help promote the Converge Conference being held in Columbia, SC this June. I said, "I know very little about this conference for web professionals who wish to defy classification." So, we decided a little question and answer blog post might help us all learn more about Converge. more

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