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Movin' by Bear ~ 5 years ago ~ 7 comments

OrangeCoat sign After six years on Stone Avenue we've moved to Main Street. There are couple of different reasons we're moving, but the main one is that when you're the only people in the room you're both the smartest and dumbest people in the room. We don't want to be either. The space we've moved to is called the The Forge and is part of the larger Iron Yard project. It's a space made up of artist, programmers, startups, videographers, photographers, architects, designers, successful long-term business people, and plywood. Here's to not being the smartest people in the room.   PS: We took the OrangeCoat sign off our building and have been trying to build anagrams ever since. more

The Bald and The Beardiful: A Celebration of Presidents by Bear ~ 5 years ago ~ 5 comments

A bald eagle with a beard. The perfect mascot. Here are the facts: there hasn’t been a President with facial hair since William Taft was elected 1909,1 and there hasn’t been one who is bald since Dwight Eisenhower was elected in 1953. These facts sadden us. We want more politicians unafraid to take a risk and willing to play the hand genetics dealt them. more

Happy Halloween and RIP IE 7 by Bear ~ 5 years ago ~ 3 comments

RIP IE 7 It’s becoming a Halloween tradition that OrangeCoat writes a love letter to an out-of-date yet still widely used version of the Internet Explorer. This year, we were inspired by Mad Magazine and modern browser technology when creating our eulogy to Internet Explorer 7. Hope you enjoy. Happy Halloween. more

The Lord Doodles by Bear ~ 6 years ago ~ 0 Comments

Abraham Lincoln by Roxy ~ 6 years ago ~ 1 comment

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