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The Mark of Love by Bear ~ 4 years ago ~ 0 Comments

The killing of the Courier and the history of why big companies can't innovate by Bear ~ 6 years ago ~ 0 Comments

There were leaks last year of a Microsoft skunk works project called Courier. The Courier was a dual-screened tablet computer inspired by the Moleskine journal and focused on creation and not consumption. It was super exciting and different. It wasn't an iPad killer. It was something different all together and it was dropped by Microsoft quickly after the rumors got hot and heavy. more

The Master Switch by Bear ~ 7 years ago ~ 0 Comments

Zombies, Giant Squids, and Aliens, Oh Yeah! A Summer Reading List to Cringe, In a Good Way, Over by Mad ~ 7 years ago ~ 0 Comments

Do you think you're developing/honing a taste (or maybe a hunger?) for the non-human focused literature? Lucky, and not so luck for you, there's a lot of it out there. The literate minded, over your head jokers, and soft speakers that are NPR, have compiled a list of oozy, gritty, down right dirty summer un-dead, mutant and extra-terrestrial readings to assist in the forging. Shoo, even if you're non-fiction devoted, it's worth it just to read the NPR write-up. more

On kindness by Bear ~ 8 years ago ~ 0 Comments

Vonnegut on Writing by Bear ~ 8 years ago ~ 0 Comments

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