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My Friend Jeff by Bear ~ 10 years ago ~ 0 Comments

Over the weekend Jeff Papenfus died. I can’t say we were best friends. Business friends more than anything. I’d see Jeff at the Coffee Underground every couple weeks (especially when he was working on Main Street) and the usual “hi and a handshake” would always turn into a half-hour conversation. more

You Say Tomato by Bear ~ 12 years ago ~ 3 comments

Tomato Our second tasting event is set. South Carolina sun ripened, heirloom tomatoes are ready to be tasted and enjoyed more

Gourmet by Bear ~ 13 years ago ~ 18 comments

Mac's Drive In
It's been a long time in the making. We hired two new team members (doubling the size of the company), moved to a new office, (tripling the size of our office space), launched a bunch of websites, (quintupling the size of our portfolio) all since the last redesign of our own website. Finally, OrangeCoat's fourth website, OC4, has launched. more

Don't forget the tumbr by Bear ~ 13 years ago ~ 1 comment

The Netflix Challenge by Bear ~ 13 years ago ~ 1 comment

Dear Olivier by Bear ~ 13 years ago ~ 9 comments

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