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Why SSL Matters, How Google Will Force It, and Lets Encrypt by Jimmy C ~ 2 years ago ~ 0 Comments

Stardate 63994.3 (aka July 7th 2010). The world was warned about the incoming asteroid known as ssl-certificaus (4096) and how to shield websites from impending doom. Most folks didn't listen. more

Stuff I Write That Nobody Ever Sees, Except Nerds Using Google by Jimmy C ~ 4 years ago ~ 0 Comments

Years ago I wrote a series of in-depth "secret sauce" posts. Since then, I've written a number of niche how-to posts. However, I saved our followers from seeing these obscure posts in RSS and Twitter feeds. more

What If on the Cover of Greenville Business Magazine by Bear ~ 4 years ago ~ 0 Comments

Cover of Greenville Business Magazine This is a happy non-April Fool's day surprise. What If Greenville is on the cover of the Greenville Business Magazine for the month of April. more

Happy Halloween and RIP IE 7 by Bear ~ 5 years ago ~ 3 comments

RIP IE 7 It’s becoming a Halloween tradition that OrangeCoat writes a love letter to an out-of-date yet still widely used version of the Internet Explorer. This year, we were inspired by Mad Magazine and modern browser technology when creating our eulogy to Internet Explorer 7. Hope you enjoy. Happy Halloween. more

Credit Card Processing Discussion at REST Fest 2011 by Jimmy C ~ 5 years ago ~ 0 Comments

An 11 min video talking about credit card processing from a web developer's point of view. Also, lots of notes and links from the research process. Recorded at REST Fest 2011 more

Rick and the Responsive Rear-ends by Jimmy C ~ 5 years ago ~ 0 Comments

To start, this blog title isn't the name of Rick's wedding singer band which, by the way, will travel virtually anywhere and perform at your wedding for free. Rather, I started forwarding 2 links to the OC crew with 1 thought. It became an ode, sans poetry, to Rick Harris on his last day at OrangeCoat. It also turned into a brain dump of the next iteration of the web, and beyond. I had to cut the "beyond" portions out for my sanity and yours. more

The killing of the Courier and the history of why big companies can't innovate by Bear ~ 6 years ago ~ 0 Comments

There were leaks last year of a Microsoft skunk works project called Courier. The Courier was a dual-screened tablet computer inspired by the Moleskine journal and focused on creation and not consumption. It was super exciting and different. It wasn't an iPad killer. It was something different all together and it was dropped by Microsoft quickly after the rumors got hot and heavy. more

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