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Coffee Cupping Photos by Bear ~ 12 years ago ~ 2 comments

The OrangeCoat Coffee Cupping by Bear ~ 12 years ago ~ 5 comments

Cupping card
We all like to taste good things, but we rarely know why we like something or how to describe it. We see this same problem when talking about design and business in general. This is why over the course of the next year OrangeCoat is putting together a series of gourmet tastings. This adventure aims to build a vocabulary and an appreciation for good tastes across many media. There are interesting parallels to explore between food, drinks, art, design, and the business of communication. Our goal is to help people better describe what they are looking for in all walks of life by teaching them techniques to better explain their likes and dislikes in food and drink. more

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Google's idea on work by Bear ~ 14 years ago ~ 1 comment

The Bubble 2.0 by Bear ~ 14 years ago ~ 0 Comments

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