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My Friend Jeff by Bear ~ 10 years ago ~ 0 Comments

Over the weekend Jeff Papenfus died. I can’t say we were best friends. Business friends more than anything. I’d see Jeff at the Coffee Underground every couple weeks (especially when he was working on Main Street) and the usual “hi and a handshake” would always turn into a half-hour conversation. more

An Invitation to Meat with Friends by Bear ~ 11 years ago ~ 0 Comments

The cow is hand drawn by Roxy. Not damn bad. Have you ever applauded a perfectly cooked cut of meat? Stood up and cheered the look, aroma, and taste of a wonderful, locally sourced pig, cow, lamb or goat. more

Tomato Tasting Two: This Time It's Dinner by Bear ~ 11 years ago ~ 1 comment

Roasted paragon tomato filled with sea scallops; topped with shrimp We helped to put on another Tomato Tasting. This time Slow Foods Upstate led the way and we were there to help with some design work for the menus and tasting cards. more

Jimmy C strikes again by Bear ~ 12 years ago ~ 3 comments

Dear Olivier by Bear ~ 14 years ago ~ 9 comments

Free Beer by Bear ~ 14 years ago ~ 0 Comments

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