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Gourmet by Bear ~ 13 years ago ~ 18 comments

Mac's Drive In
It's been a long time in the making. We hired two new team members (doubling the size of the company), moved to a new office, (tripling the size of our office space), launched a bunch of websites, (quintupling the size of our portfolio) all since the last redesign of our own website. Finally, OrangeCoat's fourth website, OC4, has launched. more

In Praise of the Little Things by Bear ~ 13 years ago ~ 6 comments

You sometimes forget how important business cards are for new companies. For an entrepreneur it is putting their dreams, their life goals into something tangible and tactile. On a 3.5 inch wide piece of card stock. To the success of a business a business card is not as important as a business plan or website, but to the psyche of an entrepreneur it is often times the most important thing. It tells the world, this dream of mine, it is real and I am serious. more

New home page content. by Bear ~ 13 years ago ~ 2 comments

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Jewbelation by Bear ~ 13 years ago ~ 0 Comments

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