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Tomato Tasting Two: This Time It's Dinner by Bear ~ 11 years ago ~ 1 comment

Roasted paragon tomato filled with sea scallops; topped with shrimp We helped to put on another Tomato Tasting. This time Slow Foods Upstate led the way and we were there to help with some design work for the menus and tasting cards. more

Photos from the OrangeCoat Beer Tasting by Bear ~ 11 years ago ~ 0 Comments

Beer tasting cover
We recently had our third tasting in a series of food and beverage tastings aimed at improving communications by learning to speak a common language. Here are some photos from the event. more

The Taste of the Web by Bear ~ 11 years ago ~ 1 comment

Fancy shot 3
The ideas and plans for the 2010 tastings are beginning to bubble up. Beer, olive oil, bourbon, cheese, chocolate, and maybe even wine are being considered. We'd love to hear your ideas on what would be a good, unique tasting topic and if you're interested in getting an invite to the next event drop us a line. more

Tomato Tasting Photos by Bear ~ 12 years ago ~ 0 Comments

ESPN on Clemens by Bear ~ 13 years ago ~ 0 Comments

Josie and Izzy at BLT by Bear ~ 13 years ago ~ 4 comments

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