Transferring .WS domain names

Posted December 21, 2007 by Evan Tishuk

Tough noogies! All .WS names are leased to your registrar by Western Samoa and they negotiated it such that transfers are not allowed. Talk about underhanded. Sure go ahead and purchase .WS names anywhere, but the fine print (no I haven't read it) keeps you married to the original registrar. So who's the organization who controls your marooned domain? SamoaNIC which is a front for Computer Services Limited (CSL). From CSL's website we find that CSL was a government enterprise that eventually divested into a private one. Then "in December 1999, another subsidiary, SamoaNIC Ltd was set up to run domain name registrations." And an angel got its wings. You'd think the leading technology company in Samoa would have a website that didn't get locked in 1997 (remember how cool Cold Fusion was?). I know cash-hungry organizations have not always been pro-consumer, but at least you like to think that reputable American companies wouldn't want to ink deals with shady overseas hucksters.

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