Trust the Book Maker

Posted June 14, 2007 by Adam Gautsch

The bookie of course. In fact, the book making profession is the best at setting odds and the doctor profession is the worst. This makes perfect sense if you think about it for even a second but it is still interesting to hear.

There are a lot of reasons why this is, but a major one is that bookies can remove ego from the equation and just set numbers based on facts. Removing ego is something that all people, in almost all professions, need to get better at doing.

Doug Hubbard provided that little fact and bunch more during his speech at the GSATC on Wednesday. Doug did a great job at trying to encourage IT professionals to base decisions on real, measurable numbers. Both his method and his reasoning were sound and I suggest everyone to pick up his book, 'How to Measure Anything' when it comes out in July. And rest assure, I will link to the GSATC podcast when it is up as well.

PS: The moral of the story- when it comes to doctors, get a second opinion no matter if the news is bad or good.


C-Town ~ June 14, 2007

And GSATC is...

dave ~ June 15, 2007

The Greenville Spartanburg Anderson Technology Council. Site built by Orange Coat. GSATC is the local authority on connecting IT professionals, helping IT companies get exposure to clients and mass media, etc. A rather awesome force of nature only comparable to the burrito Jesus was said to have heated with his own two hands.

Adam Gautsch ~ June 15, 2007

"A rather awesome force of nature only comparable to the burrito Jesus was said to have heated with his own two hands"

That brings up an interesting question I think first raised by Homer Simpson.

Could Jesus make burrito so hot that Jesus himself could not eat it.

dave ~ June 15, 2007

That question is a deus ex machina of itself. I speak the truth.

Adam Gautsch ~ June 16, 2007

Peter was there too. And he did a better job of explaining things.

dave ~ June 16, 2007

I will be one to say that was an outstanding read. For sure, I'm buying this book now. That doesn't change my premise earlier, the Messianic burrito is a deus ex machina because saying he couldn't eat it is easy enough by virtue of the question itself. Saying he could eat it is again, too insipid because it's Jesus.

According to Hubbard...contrasting Jesus's abilities to both heat and eat a hot dog so amazingly hot isn't exact. How then, can we even ask such a question?

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