Very Cool Illustration Work, But

Posted March 16, 2006 by Evan Tishuk

Don't get me wrong, Steve Harrington does fantastic work, but the website used to showcase his work could use a little more (un)commonsense. It's interesting that the designer made the site look less Flash-like when he could have simply used XHTML / CSS / JavaScript and had a much more flexible end product. At least, you could link to individual prints (and have a solid content management system). On a more positive note, I really dig the transitions between photos.


Adam Gautsch ~ March 16, 2006

I like his work a lot. I also like the look of the site but you are right, navigation is all but dead on the site.

What concerns me (and this is a good example of) is that between the AJAX fad and Flash more and more sites are killing both the back button and permalinks (for lack of a better term).

That drives me crazy. But of course, if we ever launch one site we've been working on people will be saying the same thing about us.

Mike Gowan ~ March 17, 2006

You're right. It's very counter-productive to make a flash site only for transition effects. Everything else on the site resembles html elements. There's no need to abuse usability conventions by tearing away functionality people expect to use.

Evan Tishuk ~ March 17, 2006

Yeah, I can almost look past functional problems if the cool-factor is strong enough (see: Arcade Fire) but in this case it's just a limitation of the medium that can be dealt with fairly easily.

I want to be careful not to sound like I'm just ripping on this design company---I'm sure I've done things that could be done 100 times better---However, if they do a yearly assessment of their client sites, I'd love to give some consulting.

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