Vivacious Music Post

Posted 9 years ago by Madeleine Muska

ChipperDemon's September CD release passed with a giant music post. The CD included some great artists including The Faint and other random gems. The most recommended tracks would include: Beat Radio's Mexico, Sleepy Sun's Lord and White Lies' Death. Overall, the CD has a very indie rock sound and should become another beloved collection produced by ChipperDemon.

For the future:
Ben Folds just released his new album last week featuring one track with Regina Spektor (a ChipperDemon idol), You Don't Know Me. So far, the new Ben Folds songs are a little out of the Ben Folds expected sound barrier. His track with Regina Spektor has a lot more of a disjointed feel (in a very good Europop way) in comparison to his older work. A few of the other new songs again break away from his older/expected sound. Not all surprises are good, but Ben Folds makes this one with a pleasant funk.

If you'd like a complete listing of what appeared on ChipperDemon's September monthly release, be sure to check out the ChipperDemon blog, it's jubilant and vivacious.

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